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My True Talent helps you to improve your impact at work, to be more confident, to communicate more effectively and ultimately, to be more successful.  Why wouldn’t we all want that? 

Our training courses are specifically designed to help you succeed in a world where you are now working from anywhere.  So being more effective on Zoom is as important as delivering a knock out stand up presentation in front of 200 colleagues.  And establishing yourself in a new company and building new relationships remotely can be much more of a challenge and yet also an opportunity if you approach this in the right way. 

Our courses will teach you how to get the best out of what's been thrown at you by the IT department, not just from a technical perspective but also the human stuff - how to make your screen, content and body language much more engaging for your colleagues.  

We enhance the way you communicate by giving you the tools and techniques to tell your story to make you more authentic, more memorable.  And for those petrified by the thought of public speaking, live or remotely, we give you the energy, techniques and confidence to take your audience on a truly memorable journey. 

We're absolutely confident that our courses will deliver for you. That’s a guarantee because we will refund you entirely if we don’t genuinely improve your skills.    

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What people are saying

  • Mel Jenkinson
    Mentor for Natural beauty brands

    Jez has been fantastic in helping me to develop my public speaking skills. I have come away from the course equipped with the skills to further develop my speaking practise, and actually find myself looking forward to the next occasion when I can stand up in front of a room and speak!

  • Ged Byrne MBE
    Director of Global Engagement at Health Education England

    Jez Kay is unique. Having known him for 30 years he has continued to stun me with his integrity, enthusiasm, curiosity, wit and flare for original thought. Always humble, never insincere, a genuine industrious gentleman whom I would recommend without reservation.

  • Ana Bonet
    Finance Director, AMEX

    Jez has a very deep expertise and passion for people. His workshop was very beneficial and I would highly recommend to any organisation or business! Thank you, Jez



Jez Kay

For 30 years I've successfully bridged the gap between my clients’ ideas, dreams and goals and the technology that helps realise them, from development, support and training for systems, websites, email marketing, video campaigns, showreels, vlogs and podcasts. I love listening and learning about how people relate to technology and the challenges surrounding it. And I've come to realise that communication is at the core of all this. So in the past few years I've focused on empowering businesses to use technology to communicate what they do and where they’re at. And now I'm focusing on helping people like you, whose talents deserve it most, to make it happen for you. That's what My True Talent is all about.

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  • How interactive are the courses?

    Each course has a set of modules to view, predominantly video-driven content devised by each instructor, together with exercises for practicing, testing and honing your new skills.

  • How do I pay for the courses?

    Payment is available via Stripe or PayPal, all online. Offline payment, such as cheque or cash is not available for these courses.

  • Are there tasters or previews for each course?

    Depending on popularity and format of course, there are indeed free previews available. Check each course for more details.

  • How many instructors do you have?

    My True Talent is a brand new online business as of September 2020 and the instructor-uptake is the same as the content-uptake ie totally dependent on the input of the audience. As of September there are 2 expert instructors delivering courses on My True Talent. More information is available on each course.