By the end of this course'll have learnt how to...

  • Structure meaningful stories

    Stories are the thing right now. And in this course you will be able to master The Storypitcher - a simple 7-step storytelling technique to enhance your talents and communicate them in the most appropriate and impactful way.

  • Make a compelling argument

    It's a competitive world out there and often difficult to make your case. Storytelling with the StoryPitcher helps you to stand out, be heard and make your case with winning conviction.

  • Do it all using virtual communication tools

    Recent events have underlined the need for flexibility and savvy when it comes to using online tools to achieve your communication ends. This course will set you on the path to using video and audio in the most appropriate and effective ways so that you can stay ahead of the pack at all times.

Using stories to make your mark

How do you tell a story? Come to think of it, why would you tell a story? Stories are the memories that arguments are built on. They're the reason why we engage and that's why, particularly in these times, more and more people involved in business are using them. But how do you tell them effectively? And how can they help you to make the most of your talents?

This course emphasises the need for a reliable structure and modus for achieving all that. The StoryPitcher is a memorable way of tapping into memories, organising them and understanding the emotional triggers that will make your arguments so memorable.

  • A tried-and-tested method for using stories to attract attention and acquire influence

  • A structured, step-by-step process

  • Tactile video training

  • Fully interactive learning, including sharing your own work via the My True Talent portal

  • Video assignments

  • In-depth feedback from your trainer

  • A discussion button for direct access to your trainer while you're learning

  • A My True Talent certificate to confirm you did it and that you're now ready to use powerful stories to make your mark.

What people are saying

  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt
    Founder at

    Working on projects with Jez means going on adventures of creative discovery. His artistic energy is powerful. His technical knowledge is extensive and he is also a fantastic trainer; able to challenge and energise trainees by conveying creative and specialised messages in a fun and authentic way.

  • Sarah Huntley
    Business Mentor
    & Performance Coach

    Jez is a brilliant trainer. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and gives great feedback. My public speaking has come on in leaps and bounds since working with Jez! I would highly recommend his services!

  • Ana Bonet
    Finance Director

    Jez has a very deep expertise and passion for people. His workshop was very beneficial and I would highly recommend to any organisation or business!
    Thank you, Jez?

Course overview

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome!

    • What to expect!

    • Before you get going, some important questions

  • 2

    What makes a good story?

    • A little inspiration

    • What story has inspired you most in your business career?

    • Upload a video

  • 3

    The 7-Step Story Pitch

    • What if?

    • What if you could... do what?

    • What is the StoryPitcher?

    • The StoryPitcher #1 - Once upon a Time

    • The StoryPitcher #2 - Every day

    • The StoryPitcher #3 - One day

    • The StoryPitcher #4 - Because of that

    • The StoryPitcher #5 - Because of that

    • The StoryPitcher #6 - Until finally

    • Tell a story in 6 slides

    • Your story in 6 slides

    • Remember that "What if..."?

    • Recap: The StoryPitcher - 7 Steps

    • How to use The StoryPitcher to make your mark

  • 4

    Next steps

    • Many congratulations!

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Coming soon!

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